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Shopping For The Best Rates

If you are shopping around for life insurance, there are a few key things to consider that can save you money, while protecting your family or the beneficiary of the policy. You might be tempted to look at the dollar amount as the main factor when comparing different life insurance quotes, especially if you think about how long you pay for life insurance and how much of a difference a life insurance quote of $5 per month would make over a 30-year term. Imagine taking that money and investing it instead—it could really add up. 

However, there are other things to consider as well, like where the money goes when you pay your premium. When comparing life insurance quotes, you want to look at your long-term goals, short-term affordability, and whether you want to use life insurance as a whole life solution or a temporary one.

When it comes to shopping for life insurance, every dollar counts. At Whizango, our team of experts will shop around for the best life insurance quotes so you can start saving thousands of dollars by making a smart choice for your life insurance policy.

The blueprint to success

The insurance industry remains resilient, continuing to generate growth around the world and maintaining overall profitability despite turbulence in the global economy.

If you......

  • Want to build a real home based business

  • Desire an industry that gives you a sense of fulfillment

  • Are seeking a company that can manifest a path to success

  • Crave financial and time freedom

  • Intend to pass a lasting legacy down to your family

Then it's time to MAXIMIZE your full potential and team up with the Whizango team to become a Life Advisor. Click the button below to learn more about this amazing opportunity. 

Working from Home

for creating a real home-based business

Let us handle all the details!

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defend your assets and create cash when you need it most.

Your cars, home, boat, health and so much more; that's what insurance protects. But what about your life? Isn't that the most important coverage to have? You need to make sure it's the right policy that's structured the right way.


You see...


  • Most insurance agents just want to sell you the biggest policy, to make the biggest commission. 

  • It's easy to jump on a site and run a ton of quotes.


Should you get a simple, low cost term policy? How much coverage do you need? What length of time would be optimal?


The key to making a good financial decision is becoming empowered.  Let us educate you on your options and guide you through getting the policy you need.

Signing a Contract
Signing a Contract

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Jayden Slentz

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Owner, Life Advisor

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Personal Finance Representative

Caleb Robinson

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Life Advisor

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Vice President

Working from Home

all insurance agents are not created equal.

So what difference does it make?


Possibly hundreds, even thousands of dollars over your financial life. Our team is comprised of independent agents who are licensed with multiple companies, which means we can offer every type of plan available. 


This flexibility is what enables our clients to get the right policy for their situation. It means we can compare each company and have them compete for your business. Putting you in ultimate control.

No matter what state you call home, our team of experts can guaranatee that you will get the very best insurance policy in the marketplace. 

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