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Maximize Your Full Potential.

One Brand. One Mission. Your Success.

ABOUT our channel

At Whizango, we are a passionate, inspired team of leaders. Each individual brings their own energy and expertise to the organization—reasons that ultimately help us achieve higher levels of success. We launched this channel to deliver our people, lessons, and strategies directly to you. Find quick access to our comprehensive trainings and tools on topics like confidence, motivation, influence, success, leadership, and more!

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Whizango leadership principles


These audio lessons were designed to introduce the world to the foundation of Whizango-our principles. 

We teach on these principles. We build our businesses by these principles. We live by these principles. 


These fourteen (14) principles are the keys to our success in life and in business. Discussions are lead by Virgil Slentz who has been instructing this course for over 50 years. These lessons haven been implemented by companies as an employee training series, by business professionals, stay-at-home parents, and people from all walks of life and economic backgrounds.  The results are the same.  They are life changing.   If you are looking to get ahead in life and maximize your success-these lessons were created just for you!

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9 Daily Practices For Leaders 

9 Daily Practices For Kids 

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Coming soon!

Whizango Podcast

Get ready for the launch of the Whizango Podcast: Maximize Your Mission! This show is for those out there who are looking to achieve their highest potential on a massive scale. It is for people who are ready to take their life and business to the next level and learn successful strategies to get you there!


With each episode, the founder of Whizango Holdings, LLC, Jayden Slentz, will meet with other leaders across our network of experts to share their breakthroughs, secrets, strategies and ideas that can help you skyrocket your fulfillment and achievement on a daily basis!


This content is designed for you to listen on the go!

Whizango leadership book reccomendations


Gain Exclusive Access

Our Network of trusted industry experts and services are available to you every single day through our private, members-only, Business Center. To become a top national producer, you need the right systems, brand, marketing strategy, and infrastructure that can support growth. We can help you accomplish these things and give you exclusive access to events, trainings, and networking opportunities with other like-minded professionals who are working towards the same goals. As a Whizango Partner, we will consistently drop industry leading education and tutorials into your account to help you maximize your mission and achieve overall business success. Sign up to below and access to our Partner Perks today!




We run some great companies in the mortgage, real estate,  and insurance industries, but what excites us the most is our Whizango Business Center and Training platform. This is our central hub, designed specifically for teaching people how to increase their income.  To put it quite simply, we want you to achieve success-in every aspect of your life.  That's why we have chosen to make this opportunity available to all professionals and entrepreneurs; to give a clear path that leads to success- smart success though, based on long term planning.   Get started below in our available courses and register for live trainings.  



Join us weekly to see first-hand how powerful The Whizango Business Center can be for your life and business. We will walk you through the available tools and show you how they work. It's that simple. Just jump on and see for yourself.


This class is only available to those who have active Business Center Accounts. This training is held every week for one (1) hour. Each week we will be training on different tools, systems and ideas that will help your business grow. Attendance is crucial if you are serious about maximizing the full potential of your Whizango Business Center.

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